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Reviving Islamic Discourse.

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Aug 25, 2018

It is tough being a student of knowledge whilst dealing with the modern world. So we talk to Ustadh Suved about how to seek ilm in today’s day and age, juggling the 9-5 work hustle in the process, differences between the traditional Islamic way of seeking knowledge vs. the university scene and how a layman Muslim can gain more rewards than The Sahaba.

Suved studies Commerce at University of Sydney, is a teacher of Hadith sciences. He is prominent in the Sydney MSA circles giving talks and lectures at Universities. Most importantly he is a dear friend of ours.

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[2:00] The Work Life hustle


[5:00] How did Suved come to the point of studying traditional Islam?


[6:15] Introducing Suved


[10:30] Suved’s journey about learning biographies of the Scholars


[15:20] Is the term “aalim” given to people more easily in this day and age compared to the past?


[19:50] How can you proper study Islamic knowledge whilst doing so in the Modern day and age alongside the 9-5 work life hustle for e.g.


[26:30] Is the best way to teach Islamic knowledge through the traditional way (i.e. knee to knee), and if so how can we implement this style on a wider scale in today’s day and age?


[31:22] Is Islamic knowledge decreasing due to the university style of knowledge being transmitted?


[33:39] How would we encourage people to get into Islamic tradition?


[39:00] Where should you go to acquaint yourself with the Islamic tradition?


[43:53] Is it permissible for a Ilm seeker to put a pause on seeking knowledge as life gets hectic?


[50:57] How big of a  role is rote memorisation in studying Islamic sciences?


[55:55] If you want to be studying the Deen overseas in what ways can we fund it to make it happen?


[1:02:00] The tough lives of a shaykh


[1:08:00] availability of resources online which makes more people intrigued about studying the deen


[1:12:00] Can a lay Muslim get immense rewards compared to a scholar of Islam? Our experiences being layman Muslim in the workplace.


[1:39:00] What do we aim to achieve as a goal after we have acquired the Islamic knowledge we need?