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Reviving Islamic Discourse.

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Jul 28, 2018

It seems like political events cause huge divisions in the ummah. So we talk with Shaykh Omar El-Banna about how we can reconcile political events. He also clarifies the whole takfir incident that happened with him.



Shaykh Omar completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Engineering, attained in ijazah in teaching the Quran, studied for 8 years under shaykhs in Egypt, and also graduated from Al-Azhar University in Cairo from the Faculty of Shariah, Islamic Jurisprudence.


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[1:00] Intro to Shaykh Omar's life


[4:00] Shaykh Omar taking Al-Azhar University to court


[8:55] The nature of Al-Azhar in regards to be controlled by the government


[12:00] How should Muslims react to Muslim political divisions?


[17:00] How do we reconcile groups with ideological difference like HT and Muslim Brotherhood?


[22:00] Does finding the Haqq in regards to politics boil down to sincerity?


[27:00] Does each group have a “portion” of the straight path?


[28:00] Tanzim mentions an example of cultish behaviour due to being affiliated with a certain group.


[32:00] Can cultish behaviour be excused on the basis of “taqlid”?


[34:00] What should our actions be when we witness injustice by the government? Should we stay quiet and obey the state or rebel?


[35:25] Are scholars perhaps justifying injustice by the government?


[40:00] Tanzim witnessing the different Islamic groups as a youth and the different ideologies that they bring to the table.


[45:00] Describing the incident where a person takfired Shaykh Omar


[56:00] If you had to hang with 3 people from history who would it be?