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Reviving Islamic Discourse.

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Feb 25, 2018

Daniel Haqiqatjou delves deep into the whole concept of being a “homosexual” that is coined in The West, the Islamic position of people who have same-sex desires, the effects of gay marriage being legalised within today’s society and also how to approach Muslims who have same-sex desires.


Daniel Haqiqatjou attended Harvard University where he studied Physics and Philosophy, has also completed a Masters degree in Philosophy, and has spoken at universities. His work has been featured in outlets such as The Washington Post, The Atlantic, CNN, Aljazeera, Public Discourse. He teaches as an adjunct faculty member at Respect Graduate School, and is also a contributor to the Muslim Debate Initiative,,,


Host - Tanzim

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0:00 - Intro


5:50 - Reality of Muslim life in the US. Discussing the Trump administration compared to previous administrations, and the tactics of some government agencies.


14:30 - Same-sex desire; is it nature or nurture? Islam’s history of recognising same sex desire and fiqh surrounding it.


23:20 - Using our own Islamic vocab instead of the vocab from LGBT/Western thought. Questioning the idea of sexual orientation such as being ‘straight’ or ‘gay’, and how this shouldn’t form part of one’s identity.


31:10 - The negative effects on society of same-sex relations becoming accepted, and how everyone is affected. The social ills that can come of it. How Muslims are also affected by this. The importance of the family as an institution.


42:50 - Story of a child with multiple gay parents. The victims and negative consequences of same-sex relations. Islam's emphasis on importance of knowing one’s lineage, having kinship bonds.


50:10 - How Muslims navigate a society where same-sex relations are normalised; in public, in corporate life, MSAs, masjids etc. Maintaining an Islamic position.


55:30 - How can we help Muslims who are struggling with same sex desires, who want to be practicing Muslims? The services that exist and some solutions. Importance of using the correct language again.


1:03:20 - Importance of Muslims discussing this issue and conveying the Islamic position. Importance of how we must be careful when discussing the issue, and bringing our own Islamic concepts instead of taking Western concepts for granted.